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1 publication

Artificial Dicopper Oxidase: Rational Reprogramming of Bacterial Metallo- b-lactamase into a Catechol Oxidase

Fujieda, N.; Itoh, S.

Chem. - Asian J. 2012, 7, 1203-1207, 10.1002/asia.201101014

Teaching metalloenzymes new tricks: An artificial type III dicopper oxidase has been developed using a hydrolytic enzyme, metallo‐β‐lactamase, as a metal‐binding platform. The triple mutant D88G/S185H/P224G redesigned by computer‐assisted structural analysis showed spectroscopic features similar to those of type III copper proteins and exhibited a high catalytic activity in the oxidation of catechols under aerobic conditions.

Metal: Cu
Ligand type: Amino acid
Host protein: β-lactamase
Anchoring strategy: Dative
Optimization: Genetic
Reaction: Catechol oxidation
Max TON: ---
ee: ---
Notes: ---