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1 publication

Histidine orientation in artificial peroxidase regioisomers as determined by paramagnetic NMR shifts

Lombardi, A.; Louro, R.O.

Chem. Commun. 2021, 57, 990-993, 10.1039/d0cc06676a

Fe-Mimochrome VI*a is a synthetic peroxidase and peroxygenase, featuring two different peptides that are covalently-linked to deuteroheme. To perform a systematic structure/function correlation, we purposely shortened the distance between the distal peptide and the heme, allowing for the separation and characterization of two regioisomers. They differ in both His axial-ligand orientation, as determined by paramagnetic NMR shifts, and activity. These findings highlight that synthetic metalloenzymes may provide an efficient tool for disentangling the role of axial ligand orientation over peroxidase activity.

Metal: Fe
Ligand type: Deuteroporphyrin IX
Host protein: Synthetic peptide
Anchoring strategy: Covalent
Optimization: ---
Reaction: Epoxidation
Max TON: ---
ee: ---
PDB: ---
Notes: NMR studies of the complexes, no catalysis