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1 publication

Construction of Robust Bio-Nanotubes using the Controlled Self-Assembly of Component Proteins of Bacteriophage T4

Ueno, T.

Small 2010, 6, 1873-1879, 10.1002/smll.201000772

The synthesis of a robust bio‐nanotube consisting of the β‐helical tubular component proteins of bacteriophage T4 is described. The crystal structure indicates that it has a well‐defined nanoscale length of 10 nm as a result of the head‐to‐head dimerization of β‐helices. Surprisingly, the tube assembly has high thermal stability, high tolerance to organic solvents, and a wide pH‐stability range.

Metal: Cu
Ligand type: Flavin
Host protein: [(gp5βf)3]2
Anchoring strategy: Lysine-succinimide
Optimization: ---
Reaction: Cycloaddition
Max TON: ---
ee: ---
PDB: ---
Notes: ---