1 publication

1 publication

Covalent Versus Non-covalent (Biocatalytic) Approaches for Enantioselective Sulfoxidation Catalyzed by Corrole Metal Complexes

Gross, Z.

Cat. Sci. Technol. 2011, 1, 578, 10.1039/c1cy00046b

Oxidation of thioanisoles, catalyzed by chiral manganese(III) and iron(III) corroles, provides the corresponding sulfoxides in moderate chemical yields and low enantioselectivities. Biocatalysis by non-chiral albumin-associated manganese(III) corroles proceeds much better and allows for the enantioselective synthesis of the pharmacologically important R-modafinil, in 88% yield and 73% ee.

Metal: Mn
Ligand type: Corrole
Anchoring strategy: Supramolecular
Optimization: Chemical & genetic
Reaction: Sulfoxidation
Max TON: 45
ee: 70
PDB: ---
Notes: ---